Essay 15

It is much easier to learn in a small class than in a large one.

Small and larger classes, each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us snalyze them vis-a-vis.

Firstly, in small classes teachers can give individual attention to each and every student while this may not be possible in the larger classes. But sometimes repeating such things may make a steudent dependent on his teachers for his/her various activites like should he be participating in a dance competition, making him prone to his future decision making capabilities.

Secondly, small classes may encourage less group involvement activites and more individual oriented tasks. On the other hand, their larger counterparts will be involved in more of group oriented activities rather than the individualistic tasks. Thus, larger classes makes an individual understand and decision of giving priorities to the correct part of their involvement in day to day activites. Moreover, in todays fast changing business world, the participation and contribution of the groups can hardly be ignored anymore when an individual’s impact has come almost to its dead level.

Thirdly, smaller classes may be useful when an individual might be doing some advanced study as like PhD and especially in research but larger classes teach how to achieve every individual’s

 goals while achieving the group’s success at the same time.

Last but not the least, larger classes build ever lasting relationships while smaller classes sometimes may lead to harsh competition and rivalry among individuals due to jealousy and many other factors.

Therefore, considering the above said resaons,I would favour learing in a larger class rather than a samller one.

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