Essay 13

There are many types of television shows:comedies, news programs, dramas, reality series, and so on. What is your favorite type of television shows?

I prefer comedies among all the television shows due to below said four reasons.

Firstly, comedies generally help in relaxing and getting energized again. For example, immediatley after The 70’s show, I generally feel out of the worries and tensions and feel afresh to take on the challenges of the daily life.

Secondly, watching shows as that of Friends, make the whole family to be together and enjoy each moment of it. They make me feel closer and understand the deeper meanings of the realtionships too.

Thirdly, comedies provide laughter among us, which has suddenly become one of the most essential ingredient in todays busy world. People have forgetten what is laughter and how to laugh. The enormous number of laughter groups is an example of this. SOmehow, I tend to get the most of the laughter from the funny dramas in the comedy serials.

Last but not the least, Laughing is said to be the best medicine to all the diseases of the world and comedies are the only one who tend to take us back to our childhood where we tend to laugh and live in our dreams and joy, which we tend to lose as we grow up.

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