Essay 12

If you could spend a year living in any city on the world, which city would you choose to live in?

I would like to choose New York. New York is famed to be the financial capital of the world and one of the busiest city. I choose New York due to four reasons.

Firstly, as I intend to work till the end of my life, New York can provide excellent opportunity to explore new challenges in the financial domain, win which primarily I am interested in. With the experience and mature financial market, I can not only impart my learnings but also learn from the changing markets.

Secondly, being in one of the main city, I can have all the facilities like health, entertainment, etc. at the highest level and efficiency.

Thirdly, the schools and universities like that of NYU Stern, Columbia, Buffalo, etc. help in imparting high class education to the people residing in the vicinity with ease.

Last but not the least, New York has the utmost infrastructure to support the communication and thus, enhancing the reach to any part of the world as and when required and with much ease than any other city probably in the world.

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