Essay 11

Some people like to go to the same place for thier vacations. Other people like to take their vacations in different places.

I would prefer to tkae vacations in different places rather than going to the same place again and again.

There are a lot of excitements and challenges that we face and learn from them when we visit  different places while on vacations. Firstly, new places throws us to a totally new environment; sometimes completely different than what we could imagine. I remember when I went on a vacation to a tiger forest reserver during my college days, spending time with the tribal people of the area and staying in a lonely resort was a great experience. With no electricity in the evenings so as not to disturb the wid animals and spending time with lamps was a challenging task when it was a question of spending around almost 12 hrs in dark . Eating food and sharing experiences with the tribal people was the most amazing experience.

Secondly, though I agree that visiting same places may give some people satisfaction of knowing the people and theat place pretty well but in my opinion, the whole idea of vacations is to explore new for the change that we might be looking for from our daily life.

As CHANGE is the only constant thing in this whole world, I would like to explore new places and thus, love being a observer to the change that I wanted to have in my vacations.

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