Essay 10

What was the most important decisions that you have ever made? Why was this decision important to you?

I would say, standing for choosing a girl aong the interested girls in our class for the anchor role against the chosen girl by the registrar during our seniors’ convocation was one of the most improtant decsion of my life.

I remember I was given the whole responsibility of organizing and planning the convocation ceremony of our seniors. I formed an oraganzing committe with a handful of students to carry out the task. As with the discussions with the organizing committee and the director of the university, we decided to call for the girls and boys of the universities who would be interestd in anchoring the event. A lot of emails flushed in within a few hours. Meanwhile, a girl managed to convince the Registrar to get her in for the job and she just acts arrogant by not sending an email to teh organizing committee. On the day of the final decision and when the auditions were about to start, the Registrar walks into the class to announce the name of the girl, who he had already chosen. I decided to stand against his decision and my whole team supported my stand. I proposed that as the girl that the Rgistrar choose and others should come and give their auditions before a faculty committee and whoever does well, the final decsion can be made. We managed to convince the Director and he approves for the audition. On the D-day, the girl whom Registrar choose, did not turn up also and we finally went with a new face whom  the whole university never saw on a grand satge before. On the Real Convocation day, the anchorers were admired a lot and the girl came to thank me and giving her that opportunity despite going against a major official of the university.

I still feel good about this decision as I was able to stand for my idealogies and values as I strongly feel these things shape a human being and his true character. Despite knowing the fact that my last final year could turn into a nightmare, I was able to gather courage and guts to fight the odds. And this incident gave me one of the most important lessons of my life that there is no more satisfying than standing for my values and beliefs and it is the only way to be happy.

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