Essay 9

Some people believe that schools should primarily teach students how to best compete with others. Other people believe that schools should primarily teach students how to cooperate with others.

In today’s world of competence, the one who becomes successful is the one who have used his/her opprotunity as and when it came. In these circumstances, ideally one should be always up for the struggle to face challenges confidently. And this is where schools pitch in to mould the people from their childhood. But categorizing this struggle as competition will not be fair enough for several reasons.

Competition cannot be always be defined as thirst of an individual againt another one. It could be a group, a family, an organization or a society. So, it is very essential to judge the thin difference between the self-interest and a group-difference. So, it is very necessary to fight along with the group for a common cause. Let us take an example of say, a company for which we work. we may be competing against each other each and every day to putsmart each other and be ahead of race for perks and promotion but when it comes to selling the company’s product in the market, we should try to be ONE, cooperating each other in increasing the brand value and recognition of the company, which in turn helps all the workers of the organization. Here, I feel schools should have moulded the people to understand the timing and context of a competition.

Additionally one must not always forget that one finger of hand has no pwer at all and can be broken down by anyone more pwerful but when five fingers of a hand combine, they generate the pwer of a punch which is much much more powerful and harder to break than a single finger. Therefore, I strongly believe that schools should teach people how to compete, with whom to compete and the power of making judgements of competing in which manner at what instant of time in a situation.

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