Essay 7

Some university students prefer living in campus housing such as dormitories. Other students prefer living in off-campus housing such as apartments. Which of these two options would you choose?

I would prefer living in the campus rather than off-campus. Living in campus housing such as dormitories gives us the following advantages:

Firstly, being in close proximity to the university, there is no time constraints. Sometimes, commuting may take lot of time, which may be judiciously used for studying, extra-curricular activites, playing sports or making friends. Additionally, there is no headache of daily traffic woes and hence, we can free of strict time-oriented activities at the campus.

Secondly, it allows to mix with the blend of students of the other courses and may be of other countries in the dormitories, thus, allowing to expand the horizon of relationships, culture, hertitage and own social network, which comes fruitful during the testing times of our lives. It gives the opportunity to participate in the various university activities and mingle with the people.

Thirdly, it always allows us to use the university amenities like computer labs, research labs, gyms and libraries as and when required, provided there are no constraints to using them.

Last but not the least, other than generally being less costly than off-campus housings, university life comes for just a couple of years where we are free to have our lives with others, which could leave a long-lasting impact on our lives and we go on to make life-long friendships. After the university, everyone tends to move out to their families and jobs, eventually settling down at the apartments.

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