Essay 6

Failure often leads to success.

Thomas Elva Edison having failed 100 times to build the bulb once said “By failing 100 times, I came to know 100 ways not possible to build the bulb”. So, yes failure always shows the path not to be taken and try a different path that could give the solution to the problem.

Let us take the example of Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln became the Presidnet of the United States after a lot of failures in his life. His famous failure in his early career attempt to do business made him debted for almost 15-20 years but he once said, those failures made him more stronger to achieve success as Success was eluding him.

Similarly, failures are the milestones which one should always remember in their lives. They  demonstrate the real-life classrooms of the university which we call the LIFE. These are those mistakes and learnings, which become our experiences in our later part of our career and lives. These are the FAILURES only that have made people like Steve Jobs to come back to his own-founded company Apple after he was fired in 10 long years of struggle.

Moreover, its due to failures only that makes some people to stay and maintain their success levels after they achieve becuase they understand the pain and the hard work it takes to reach the level of success. Additionally, successful person tries to work for the major masses when they understnad what failures teach them and try to better the society by the experience is their failures.

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