Essay 5

Developments in transportation such as the automobile have had an enormous impact on modern society. Choose another development in transportation that you think is of great importance.

In my opinion, the development in the aviation industry has contributed tremendously to the grwoth and development of societies across the world. To analyze the importance of the aviation industry, especially in the cargo and passenger business, let us take the scenario before the invention of the airplanes to the current stage.

Earlier, people used to cross the borders of the countries mostly through the ships. Firstly, Ships take a long time to travel across two distant countries separted by vast oceans. Apart from the people who lose time, it was almost a death-trap to a lot of businesses as the commodoties fear the value of losing their value and importance with each passing day, thus, incurring losses in the buisnesses. Thirdly, in case of emergency calamities, countires were not able to help each other to a great extent at the much needed hours.

The introduction of aeroplanes have changed the complete scenario. They are much much faster than the ships and thus, they are used as and when there is a need. For example, foods and relief materials are provided to the worst-affected natural calamity like flood areas as in the state of Bihar when the Kosi river showed her cruel intentions by flooding almost the whole northern part of the state. Moroever, during such emergency situations, sometimes a lot of people are relocated to safer places in no time by airlifting them.

Additionally, the time of business interaction have drastically reduced. For example, it takes us a little over 24 hrs to travel across to our headquarters during the crunch release time of our products. Apart from time and fastness, the daily air cargo carries enormous amount of goods across countires, thus, eliminating the deficiencies of one country with the ampleness of the another, thus, eliminating the borders virtually to nothing. Last but not the least, people tend to spend more free time doing some more productive work or spending time with their families rather than wasting it over their travels.

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