Essay 4

Some people believe that zoos serve useful functions. Other people believe that it is cruel and wrong to confine animals in zoos.

Freedom is the most fundamental right of all the human beings in each and every independent country of the world. A lot of world wars and freedom struggles are fought just for the sake of FREEDOM. If FREEDOM is necessary for human beings, then it is also necessary for each and everyone who has life and can feel. And so, I strongly feel that it extends to the animals also and it is absolutely rubbish to confine animals in the zoos.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, by confining animals to the zoos, we encourage them to be provocative against the boundaries to break them and set themselves free, thus, endangering the nearby human habitats. As an example, I remember when I was visiting San Francisco late last year, the day we planned to visit the SFO zoo, one tiger broke out of the zoo killing a man and injuring a couple others. How far can such an incident be justified when we ourselves are responsible of having the zoo in the city? Secondly, the reasons given for having a zoo is to protect animals and help save the endangered species. But just imagine what would we do when someone tries to enter our house forcibly or some other country tries to empower us? We actually try to defend ourselves and save out belongings and properties rather than just moving out to some other place, provided by our enemies as the safe Heaven. Now, the animals become endangered due to our excessive neglect, greed and so-called fast development. But we forget that we are disturbing the ecological development cycle in this process. If we don’t interfere in the activities of the wild animals, there is no reason why some species should become extinct. Thirdly, sometimes education is also given as a strong reason for having zoos, but can’t the same education be provided in a well-protected environment of animals such as sanctuaries, where people can visit once in a while, but not regularly, for study purposes, giving the animals the freedom of roaming and living their life in an open environment rather than confined cages of zoos. Moreover, now a days, the television channels like Animal Planet, Discovery and NGC are much more informative. due to the above said reasons, I strongly feel that it is absolutely cruel to strip any living thing of their basic fundamental right-FREEDOM just for the sake of few bucks and in the name of false-development of the humankind.

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