It is better for university students to first get a general education, taking classes in many fields, than it is for them to take classes only in their own field of study.

Some places need persons of Jack-of-all-trades and some need specialists. It depends on the requirements and workplace where one intends to land up at the end of the day. Basically, dividing the University students into two groups-undergraduate and graduate can help us decide which path to take.

General Education could be very important in deciding and developing the love of each student towards a subject of interest. So, it could be highly recommendable at the Undergraduate level so that students get a feel of all the major fields of their to-be future workplaces. General Education, thus, providing a bird’s view helps in shaping the future of a student on his field of interest. It gives the freedom to think and compare the different areas of interest and then helps in making decisions according to each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

On the other hand, students studying in their field of interest are going to be the specialists of their domain of education. They know their taste and love and then try to master the integrities and depth of their fields. They are more capable to take major decisions to impact the future of their interest than the students taking general education. This difference can be well understood from the fact that a PhD CS guy of telecommunication field is more likely to make major breakthroughs in his than who knows only the basic and general working of the telecommunication technology. This could very well also be suitable to the scientists working for NASA too. Hence, this should be made at the post graduation levels of education than making it earlier.

Therefore, as developing the taste for the specialized field of study, one should be exposed to the maximum level of general education, giving ample individual time to decide and make a successful career out of it.

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