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The First Essay goes here today:

Topic is: Some People Believe that money spent on space research benefits all of humanity. Other people take the opposite view and say that money spent on this type of research is wasted.


Space Technology and the research in its field is one of the most renowned and advanced field. All across the globe, each and every country try to prove their mighty power basically through three things-Space Technology, Arms and Economy. Each and every developed country runs impossible multi-billionaire projects every year. A country advanced in Space Technology is almost equivalent to being a permanent UN security council member.

Before putting up my stand, I would like to put certain fact which would help me in asserting my stand on the topic.

Firstly, why do we need Space Technology? The answer to it lies in many ways that knowing and unknowingly they play an inevitable role in our lives. Space technology helps in putting up some vital satellites for various uses like predicting weather, tracking vehicles as in the use of Global Positioning Systems, finding vital places of sources of interest as of Oil  and other minerals. Recently, countries have started using the satellites to study across the two distant places, thus, bridging the gap of knowledge and reach to a proximal distance only. Moreover, by the help of prediction of weather, countries are able to control the destruction, that could brought by disastrous cyclones, tornadoes, etc. Also, they are able to predict the rain to a great extent, which, in turn helps in the production of right crops and plantations at the right time, thus, increasing the prospects of farming and a better world. The satellites also help in the communication of the planes which fly distant places, thus, also maintaining constant touch with the base stations, The latest tech buzzword-cellphones and Internet, helping us to remain in touch with our friends, workplaces and relatives, no matter where we are, are also due to hassle free communication through the satellites.

Secondly, space technology is helping us with the prospect of finding the alternatives of living across the space. Exploration of Mars is a significant step towards it. Considering the fact that we are running out of the space with the exploding population of the countries and the pollution, the alternatives of finding a natural habitat suitable for human living would prove to be a great benefit. Search for the water on the land of Mars is a great step towards this.

Thirdly, space technology is the technology that drives the other science and other technologies to the next level. The development of complicated hardwares and  softwares are due to the ever increasing demand of the space research field. The complex Mathematical and Science Formulas and theories are result of this field only.

From the above benefits to the human being and the society, it is clear that the job of a space scientist demands great commitment and expertize. So, obviously in order to keep the scientists satisfied thorugh their job, it is also necessary to compensate them equally in monetary terms too. And hence, getting a job in the space research centers like NASA and ISRO is a very esteemed and honorable job and can never be compared to anything else. And who can forget Dr. Abdul Kalam, the former President of India, who was a ISRO scientist and is the one of the most respectable person of the world.

So, I firmly believe that money spent on the space research goes for the development of the country, else any country of the world would have no time other than just dealing with the natural calamities causing severe devastation all the time. The development and prosperity that we see around us is majorly due to the developments on the space technology.

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