Is this the TRUTH?

It has been a long time since I last blogged. Glad to be back and to be back with some good and interesting stuff. The current market seems to be very volatile and there are a lot of uncertainties other than the fear of losing market on the share market-the fear of losing jobs; the fear of being unemployed, etc.
Amidst all of this, I happen to see this video at google which I thought worth of viewing; so posting it out here. It may seem to be too long but I feel its worth watching.
I don’t say whether its true or not and despite all these facts, I would not hesitate to say that I liked US during my last visit and I plan to actually move to there atleast for few years to know what and how things really work so well there.
I would appreciate as many comments and discussion on this video. So, here goes the video:

A brief description of the video is as follows:
This Video is a remix of the crux of the issue documentary, Zeitgeist, exposing the monopoly game of money and the private banks like the U.S. Federal Reserve who print money, loan it, set the interest rate and enslave people with an ever increasing unsustainable debt.

The Rothschild’s, the Rockefeller’s, J.P. Morgan (subsequently cashing in on the U.S. sub prime mortgage crisis), the IMF and Central Banks around the world.

The minority elite and the most economically combatant families and people on the planet, these are the same banks behind Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth, Live Earth, Carbon Tax and Carbon Credits, which equals Carbon Copy Debt. Emission sequestration same as sweeping the rubbish under the carpet and Bio-Fuel same as Monsanto-Shell and genetically modified crops for fuel.

The film also details their roles in the American revolution, WW1, WW2, Vietnam war, Iraq war and war-on-terror.

Environmental degradation is real, but as would be expected big business is taking full advantage of it to further their domination.

The video finishes with an alternate climate change, The Venus Project and the movement to end money as a currency and the control of these banks. Offering %100 free renewable energy for all and a true free trade economy, designing our brilliant technology with sustainability, self-empowerment and freedom in mind.

You’ll appreciate this video if you feel kindred to Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Democracy Now, Future by Design, The Corporation, Code Pink, Peace, Nature, Human Potential, Empowerment, Renewable Free Energy, Free Science, Free Spirit, Free Health Care, Free Education and real Free Trade.

Remixed by PCD and United Natures Independent Media

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Additional soundtracks by Echelon.

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