The power of Imagination

Well, the power of Imagination is very big. From my personal front, I have always believed and continue to believe that whatever we do and whatever happens starts very much from our minds. There is a possibility that we may sometimes give up due to some unavoidable situations but LIFE is great and it always give us opportunities to see our dreams as reality but we only ignore them. So, guys we have to dream and live to our dreams to see a better future for our country. One might think, how all of a sudden I thought of this notion. It was not sudden as when I saw the movie “Nanhe Jaisalmer“, I truly felt like that young guy. By my feeling, I don’t mean that I am a great fan of some celebrity or anything as such but yes, I am passionate about my dream and I could feel the frustration and enjoyment of the dream and imagination of a young guy from Jaisalmer in the movie. I would recommend everyone to watch this movie of they are living for a dream to make it a reality.
I would like to make this post short as I know I have said a lot of things which my friends don’t like but I support them and I am going to continue in my beliefs. So, I am ending this post with the starting and ending caption of the movie:

If you want some thing then you have to believe in it and if your belief is strong you will achieve it. – Samir Karnik


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