India 2nd least globalised economy

Well, today I have decided to have two posts on a single day. Probably, this is the second occasion on which I will be having two posts on a single day. Though, this one was previously planned but the latter one was never.
Today’s first post is going to bring the real picture of India and its economy. Well, yesterday I went through an article which ranked India 2nd least Globalised Economy among the 72 countires and I am strongly in the support of the survey. I am not denying the fact that we are growing at 8%, our share market is just running BULL like anything, there are at least 20 CEOs who draw a salary in crores, we have now the third richest person from our country, we are earning in lakhs per annum after graduating from IIMs, IITs and IIITs but the fact is still our majority of population lives in the rural areas, we do not have roads reaching there, there are many places where people need to know what is a mobile. I have always said no MNC, in fact, nobody can ever come to us to change us, we have to do it from ourselves. We, Indians, have to change and I feel no IT nor any industry can have an effect on us unless we try to drag our brothers and sisters.
The complete article is as below:

Amid all the hoopla around India emerging as one of the world’s fastest growing economies and figuring in the list of the most attractive destinations being eyed by the World Inc, the country has been named as the second least ‘globalised’ nation.

International consultancy and research firm AT Kearney has ranked India at the 71st position in its annual ranking of the world’s most globalised nations, AT Kearney and Foreign Policy Globalisation Index 2007.

The list of 72 countries is topped by Singapore for the third consecutive year, followed by Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Ireland in the top five. India fell 10 places from its 61st position in 2006.

The country was placed at the second bottom position last year as well in a list of 62 nations. This year 10 countries have debuted on the index and all of them have come at ranks higher than India.

AT Kearney said that India’s low position is despite the country’s services export and the total trade rising by more than a third.

“India’s standing as a premier offshoring destination with a booming economy often masks the fact that 70 per cent of its population lives in rural areas,” the joint report by global consulting firm A T Kearney and US-based magazine Foreign Policy said.

Despite a doubling of Internet users in 2005, only five per cent of India’s population had access to the Internet and less than half of its population was attached to the power grid, it noted.


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