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The last two weekends were one of the most memorable days. It was great fun with new friends and a great atmosphere. GoPlus is the HR initiative for the new joinees of Oracle, where the team building and company’s principles are communicated tot he new joinees. Basically, we were taken to a resort, Radient Resorts, near Bannerghatta National Park for two and half complete days and an Instructor tries to communicate the Oracle values and principles through various activities. Some of the activities include building eco-homes, sky ping-pong, tyre circulation, matchbox structure building, treasure hunt, rappling and so on. The best outcome of the event was those two days brought 25 odd guys close to each other to become friends forever though we were from different fields and different regions. I made some good friends as Anish, Lopa, Vijay, Vaibhav, Bhagya and more.
The next weekend we went to the Club Cabbana, on the outskirts of Bangalore. Here was the first time that I went for the water sports. It was a great fun. I will never forget these two weekends for my complete life. Some of the good friends that I made here at the office are Ajay, Sudheer, Vinay and more.
Life comes with lot of colors and we need to enjoy each one of them without forgetting our responsibilities towards the society and the nation.

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