Chak de India-Was it all about only Cricket?

Well, even I joined the guys when Indian cricket team won the T20 World Cup and celebration is much fair right throughout the country. But question that has to put forward is: Chak de India-Was it all bout only CRICKET? or in general, only sports.
Yesterday, our Hockey guys decided to go on for a strike against the discrimination of the hockey players with cricket players. You can read the article here. Hockey being the national sports should be our first priority. But it is very sad that we ignore our these national heroes. In fact, anybody who represent India on the global arena, has a great responsibility and if they did achieve somethings, its worthy of getting the honor. Then, why is this discrimination when cricket players getting huge monetary benefits from the state governments and ignoring the hockey players all together. And in between this, we again ignored the Soccer players, who won the ONGC Nehru Cup beating Syria 1-0. you can read the article here. In fact, why is this step-motherly attitude towards the Hockey and Soccer players when countries like USA, Korea and China. The biggest answer should be given by Sahara, who is the official sponsor of both Indian Cricket and Hockey team and it gave houses to every cricketer and nothing to the hockey players. The advertisement should also shift to the other sports other than Cricket.
I feel this contributes a lot to the fact that we struggle to get a single Gold Medal in the Olympics being the second largest population country of the world. In fact, I feel we, as an Indian, should change our attitude. We stoned the houses of Dhoni, Yuvraj and others when India exited the World Cup and after six months we are carrying them on top. We need to change ourselves.
I would like to end here with a simple question to Shahrukh Khan, who took his son to the T20 Cricket Final: “Would you take your son to a hockey final or soccer final if Indian would be playing that?“(Are you listening Shahrukh).

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