60th Year of Independence

We are going to celebrate our 60th year of Independence tomorrow. It always make me feel good to breathe in the complete free country. Sometimes, when I think about the lives of our ancestors, who lived in Britain’s India and struggled through their lives to give us for what we are proud of, the thought itself becomes a horrified way. Now that our Mother India breathes 60 years of her independence, let us analyze her environment and some aspects, though I accept the list could be just a partial glimpse:
1. Economy: India is poised to become the great Economic Super-Power. The growth is constantly above 8%, GDP and FDI flowing and increasing. The sensex is on the roller coaster ride with people having made huge money in last some months. But the fact at the other end is the gap between the rich and the poor is widening. The middle class has moved a bit into the comfort zone but the poor is still there where they were.
2. Politics: The scenario of politics has changed a lot. One-party government system has been replaced by Coalition governments. But the real changes are: Number one is, whoever gets expelled from a party, floats his own party on the next day. They continue to attract the voters with their own selfish policies when they are in power and oppose the same when in opposition. The most shocking incident was Mayawati winning the election in UP Elections on the basis of castes as she clearly divided her party’s candidates as per the castes. The rejection of Dr. APJ Kalam as presidential candidature was another blunder of the last year.
3. Youth: The youth of India is coming as the strongest power of the country. With lot of Entrepreneurs and IITians floating a political party; to change the system is a very welcome happening. I feel we should jointly support such initiatives to see the dream of India being a developed country, real.
4. Bollywood: Bollywood has come along a long way. Now, the target is more on overseas market than the domestic. The examples of movies like KabhiAlvida Na Kehna becoming a hit only because it faired well in overseas, are there. The media getting interested in the private affairs of the celebrities is another case. When the complete country is busy with the happenings and dealing with the natural calamities and so on, the media tries to cover the marriage of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. Even the internet websites are not left behind. Websites encourage people to showcase their personal pictures of the celebrities and start discussion threads.

Of course, not to forget, the series win against England in England in the just concluded test series yesterday has added to our happiness and celebration.

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