Post 1 year of Blogging

It has been a long time that I did not Blog at all. I apologize for it from my readers. I completed my 1st year of Blogging this year in March. The journey has been very fascinating. Life changed a lot in this duration. I completed my Masters and graduated this July and now started my first job here at Bangalore, of which detailed description, I will write on my next post. The good thing was I made a lot of good friends out here; Sid, Pallavini and Priya to name a few and of course some of the very experienced bloggers and writers as A.Nayak and Amit Agarwal. And of course, not to forget Professor Sadagopan’s blogs which were not only inspirational and informational but also a motivation. It has been a great experience to be his student and to have studied and worked under his supervision. I will soon become very much active in the blog once again with the posts starting from in a day or two. So, I urge you all to hole on for a day or two for my full-fledged next post.

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