Hey Guys, Finally when my friends did not take me seriously, here is the one article in yesterday’s Times of India that clearly came out with the mGinger.So, guys read on it and don’t forget to sign up here after that and here is your invitation:

Get paid to receive SMS ads

Chennai: SMS advertisements, which used to irritate cellphone users, may soon turn out to be money-spinners with a Bangalore-based firm claiming to pay customers willing to receive the messages., started by three engineers, works on the principle of “permissionbased marketing”.
“People can make anywhere between Rs 300 to Rs 1,600 per month through this,” Chaitanya Nallan, its CEO, said. “When users get paid by us, whether it is Rs 300 or Rs 500, it can at least cover their mobile phone bills,” he added.
Chaitanya, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, who graduated from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad last month, said the idea originated from Veerendra Shivhare, the chief operations officer of the firm.
The third member of the team is the chief technical officer of the firm, Anil, an alumnus of IIT-Kanpur. “People generally get SMS carpet-bombed. Advertisers get mobile phone numbers illegally and bombard them with unwanted ads without permission. Veerendra was so fed up with such messages.
We hit upon this idea of targeted advertising with users’ permission, for which they get paid,” Chaitanya said.
He said people could log on to and register themselves along with their mobile phone numbers and the ads they want to receive. They can choose any number of ads and these will be sent at the time they want, he said.
“For each ad received, the mobile phone user gets paid 20
paise. They can refer their friends and relatives for which they get 10 paise per referral and 5 paise for every ad their friends referrals receive,” he added. Chaitanya said that the referrals go up to two levels and then stops. In fact, social networking sites like Orkut come in handy for those who have signed up with mGinger to refer their friends or relatives to make use of this opportunity.
The CEO claims out that mGinger will pay a user by cheque once he crosses the minimum limit of Rs 300. “We already have 1.85 lakh users in the one month we have been in operation. We are growing at a fast pace… In fact, our website ranking had jumped to 225 in just 10 days,” he said.
On the advertisers’ needs, Chaitanya pointed out that instead of wasting their time and money sending messages to everyone, it was wise and economical to send messages to a targeted audience, who were most likely to respond to the ads.
“Advertisers should see value. In fact, we signed up our first client on the third day of our operation. Currently, we have seven campaigns running and about 100 enquiries are in the pipeline,” Chaitanya remarked.
Mobiles have eight to nine times wider reach than the internet and the scope is quite huge. There is more value for advertisers through this model as they can choose the regions where they want to advertise, he pointed out.

Courtesy: Times of India.

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