Moto ROKR —-The new PDA Phone of Motorola…

Well, Motorola released its new PDA phone MotoROKR recently in the Indian market with its advertisement by its brand ambassador, Abhishek Bachchan. The PDA phones have always been in the high end consumer market, normally price ranging from Rs. 18000+ and I expect the same with ROKR E6 too. Well, I beleive the success of a product depends lot on its market segment placement and the advertisement. I suggest the readers to go through the MOTOROKR E6 advertisement here and its specification here before reading further.
Well, viewing the advertisement I got a glimpse of Apple iPod. Is Motorola selling a iPod version of a phone? The advertisement clearly depicts the phone as an entertainment device with AB getting addicted to the music tha he hears songs evertime he is on work also. Looking to its specification, will give some more powerful features of the phone as that of being a PDA with touch-screen features and many more. When it has to be targeted for the middle-high level mangers and executives with cool business and entertainment features; the advertisement just projects the cell phone as a mere music player with phone. Now, thats a bad strategy in my perspective.
Compare it with the Nokia Advertisement of N-series phone at India. It clearly shows the power of the phone with great business utilities. Even though the guy is not a famous name of any field, the model is hown to achieve great achievement and accolades for his work with his great mind and NOKIA N-Series cell phone. Thats the difference. Where Nokia was able to place itself very well as both in the low-range and high-range cost cell phones equally well with its well-strategised market plan, the other cell phone manufacturers lag behind and thats where I feel MotoROKR will also fail to come to terms.
The companies should start concentrating now onwards on the quality and motive of a product in the market rather han paying huge sums for celebrity advertisements.
Well, the opinion is completely personal and has nothing to do with the actual market and its future, including the companies. So, my take on MOTO ROKR E6 is a flop and an absolutely NO NO.

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