The Game of Numbers in ICC World Cup 2007….

Well, as I was going through the newspaper, TIMES OF INDIA, after the India-SriLanka Match on last Friday, with SriLanka winning the match and India, virtually out of the World not qualifying the preliminary group matches too. It was a heart-broken day for the whole India, where Cricket is played at every gully and Cricketers are demi-GODs. It is a shame for the star-studded Team India not to make it to the Super-Eight round also. But as I was going through the analysis of the match and Team India’s performance, I cam across some startling facts and numbers, which got affected as India were thrown out of the World Cup eventually with Bangladesh eventually winning their last group match yesterday and qualifying for the Super-Eight.

Let us go through some of these numbers:

1. Currenlty, advertisers pump in anywhere between Rs. 5500 crores to Rs. 6000 crores on TV. Of this, cricket accounts for Rs. 550-600 crores. During the World Cup, this number jumped to 750 crores.
2. Each World Cup sponsor brings in anything bewteen Rs. 60 croores and Rs. 70 crores.
3. Associate Sponsors bring in another Rs. 20-30 crores each during the World Cup.
4. 6-8 of the top advertisers were expected to spend another Rs. 15-18 crores each.
5. Other big advertisers had budgeted to spend 10-15 crores each.
6. Each of the spot buys is priced at Rs. 1.5 lakhs each for 10 seconds.

Now some startling facts and numbers that has surfaced after India failed to qualify for the Super-Eight:

1. Many advertisers are now asking TV channels to shift their spots out of World Cup matches to popular soap operas. Some are planning to reduce their spends on the remaining matches by as much as 30%. Microsoft was to launch a game for their XBox 360 on March 27 featuring Yuvraj Singh. Nike had a confident India campaign, Visa with a promo that included Shankar, Ehsan and Loy singing a song composed for World Cup. ITC Foods had launched a biscuit featuring Sachin.Main Sponsor Pepsi had World Cup ‘Gold’ cola. LG and Hero Honda were finalising new campaigns. Sansui had already launched an ad with Rahul dravid and another one was on the cards. Videocon and Samsung were expected to follow the suit. But now, they migh tbe unsure of what to do.
2. Consumer electronics stores rethinking strategies after sales picking up by 4 times as India failed to qualify, even though LG & Samsung are optimistic enough to meet their targets.
3. 6000 Indians were expected to travel to the West Indies but now, tour operators already reporting cancellations worth 20-30 crores.
4. Travel agencies rethinking about unsold World Packages, each priced at 3-5 lakhs; probably market it in Sri Lanka or Bangladesh could be a good option.
5. Restaurant and Multiplexes rethinking their strategies as they used to gather huge crowds at India matches.
6. Crores had been spent on creating campaigns for specific brands like Nike, Visa, Pepsi, ITC Foods and Tata Sky around the tournament. The fate unknown for them now and God knows whats going to happen for yet-to-be released ones, though finished.
7. Fans, particularly those from US and Canada, who bought advance tickets are hocking them at prices at $20; much less than the normal price of $75 to $300.
8. There are also cancellations of airline tickets, hotels and resort reservations en masse.

Truly, the figures and facts were too big to be ignored when 30% of th entire country population still lives in the poverty. Loss, directly and indirectly will come to the common people of India. These cricketers were already being paid for what they did both in the advertisements and on the ground. Now, the pain of their loss has to be borne by the common people of India.
Don’t you feel these big private players will try to make up their losses thorugh some way or the other-may be by cutting the work force or may be increasing the commodity prices or something which you and I have never thought of? But surely, some way or the other they would definitely find a way; atleast I would have definitely though of some plans if I would have been in their place. After all, they also need money to survive much like I and you do so by working by our own way. Suppose, one month you over-spend in your budget, then won’t you try to adjust it in next couple of months to break even? Its the same in business also.

So, get ready to pay for the loss of brave Tiger-like Indian Cricketers(as shown in an ad- which they wore the masks against the minnows Bermuda to become a janus-faced) in the World Cup in some way or the other…
The conclusion-Indian Cricket Team needs freah blood and retirement of already great Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly with sacking and ban of cricket for Sehwag, Dhoni, Harbhajan, Agarkar, Yuvraj and Zaheer for bringing such a dishonour to the country, who treated them as deni-Gods.

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