Business and Entrepreneurship…

Well, the National Entrepreneurship Network or NEN as it is famously known as, is celebrating this week as the National Entrepreneurship Week throughout the country. The member institutes are celebrating the spirit by hosting various events all throughtout the countery. Our institute, being also a member institute also had some events with some guests talks by some Entrepreneurs from the institute, started as in-house in the institute.

I find a big difference between Entrepreneurship and Business as far as my views go. Even though, both target MONEY and PROFITS being their main motive but I consider the latter one as more daring and in bold spirits rather than the first. The Reasons being:
1. In Entrepreneurship, one just works for a thought, which he/she feels to be good enough to get some money from the customers whereas in Business, one works for his only dream of making BIG and RICH.
2. In Entrepreneurship, the money invested is normally from the venture captalists and investors who beleive in his/her ideas, whereas in Business, the money is of the DREAMER, most of the times.
3. In Entrepreneurship, the thoughts are well-plannned most of the times and the risk are mostly calculated ones but in Business, the RISK is the only SAILER of the ship.
4. In Entrepreneurship, the winners and losers are a group of people but they ultimately affect a small marginal portion of COMMONS whereas the sole DREAMER is the winner or loser but he goes on to affect a much bigger portion of COMMONS.
5. Entrepreneurs walk on the road already built by others to carve their ideas on it but in business, one has to find its own way and make its way against all odds for his/her survival.
6. Finally, Entrepreneurship is moderate form of Capitalism; can be said to be SOCIALISTICALLY CAPITALLISM but BUSINESS ONLY KNOWS HARD CAPITALISM.

Now, views can differ but this is what I feel. So, at any point if we decide to start something of our own, can we decide in which category we go? Well, if most of you would like to know that let me tell you I know my category and so does a lot of people around me who understand my thoughts…So, guys if you get your answer or not on me, let me very clear I will come up with the answer in future but not now but I do support both forms of it beacuse both needs to break away from the usual life of a human being; which only a few dares to.

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