Last weekend on Sunday, I visited the Yehlanka Air Base Station to witness the India’s First International AERO INDIA SHOW 2007 at Bangalore. The show was organized by many companies; FICCI being the main sponser and organizer. I have always heard of the Air Shows from my Uncle, Wing Commander Ranjeet Kumar Dash but this was the first time I happened to visit.

My Uncle, who is currently Wing Commander at Indian Air Force, is on deputation to Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) as Flight Test Engineer at National Flight Test Center (NFTC) for LCA’s. He got a pass for me and his family aand we all decided to go for the event on Sunday.

DRDO-ADA has made arrangements for the families and friends of the employees, including Lunch and Breakfast. There were excellent seating arrangements also; though it got crowdede as the day passed.

The first Aircraft that flew and came to my observation was the Sarang Helecopters. It was followed by majestic displays by aircrafts like Gripen,, F16, F-18 Sonet, Tejas- the LCA, Hansa, sukhoi, MIG-35 and many. The displays were really majestic and the pilots were of really high class as the normal man can feel the pressure of just having a notion of rolling the aircraft in the air at a speed of around 800 kmph at an altitude of 30,000 ft.

The event ended with the majestic display of Surya Kiran Aerobatics Team and Akash Ganga. Surya Kiran team was really awesome and was worthy watching them performing breath-taking stunts in the air. A video of it can be seen here at You Tube.

After the show, I talked to some of the colleagues of my Uncle; Group Captain AP Singh, Group Captain Harish and their head at NFTC, Sharma. Group Captian AP Singh and Haridh flew the protoype versions of LCA on the day. Mr. Sharma had his sortie a day or two before in Grippen.
They said that they go to the level of 9G also and a person cannot think of moving his hands in such environment. But with todays technology, the avionics has become more advanced and more software oriented as the Grippen claims it to be used for next 30 years easily with most of its portions implemented in Software itself.

They explained how like everything is so fast and real-time systems that a miniscule error can also lead to a tragic loss of not lives but huge property also as it happenend just couple of days before opening of Aero Show when one of the Sarang Helicopters crashed. Companies like Lockheed Martin and Boeing have devoted their whole experience in developing the nitty-griities of the aircrafts like F16s.

But the most saddest part for India, as they say is none of the companies are darring enough to develop the systems for Indian aircrafts all of itself withnew freah more efficient algorithms.

AVIATION is said to be the MOTHER of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and COMPUETRS. Defence requirements only made todays technology existing. I also beleive this to a great extent say in Wireless, the first thing to come was perhaps RADAR technology followed by GPS, GSM, CDMA, cellular and so…so, whether its communications or systems or hardware, avionics has the cutting-edge with a lot of problems still being unaddressed.

As India moves to the Economy booming, a giant IT exporter is it possible for transformation from service-giving attitude to product-delivery, which could give ou r country some pride and honour. every year a lot of researchers and scientists publish thousands of papers on diverse fields in various conferences and file patents for various ideas. But where and what purpose is it useful for our country, MOTHER INDIA? I would glad to see patents on algortihms for efficient handling of aircrafts and space technologies rather than some papers, that are just more for personal resume building and selfishness rather than for the country. Just thinking, that if we could develop softwares for the Avionics and Space Technology with our intellectual, how much money we will be able to save for our country. When is India going to stop looking to US for F16s and F18s and MIGs from Russia?

Just as an example, today we are going to have a pact with US on Nuclear Technology Coeprative Development but its the US who is deciding what to share and how? Is it that we still lag the fundamental knowledge to grow and develop as of our own?

I do feel I am not the right person and that also not at the right stage to put questions like this but still it makes me think. do we really lag the Intellect that we boast of the whole world to develop our own technologies for our country. I do feel its the high time we should sincerely think our credibility of contribution to our country in true real terms.

When is the time to come when India willstart selling the technologies, aircrafts and space technologies to the outside world? I feel all of us serious should think over this question and lets join together to venture into these fields graciously and proudly simultaneously making the whole country proud.

The AERO show ended with the announcement “LONG LIVE INDIAN AIR FORCE AND LONG LIVE MOTHER INDIA”. To make it real; its high time that we IT professionals should start looking forward much beyond what we perceive. I felt proud to have witnessed the AERO SHOW with our pilots flying high and proud guarding our boundaries but have come back with a burning question in my mind? Can ever build our whole own avionics system? Lets initiate it and I beleive a lot of us will definitely love to join us in future a s time progresses.

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