A way of Getting Satisfaction from Life…

It has been quite a time since I wrote my last post. Last couple of months have been quite hectic with life showing quite a different colours.

Well, no I feel I am bit settled. Now, I am out of the academics and started my first assignment of the indystry by joining Motorola Reserach Labs for my internship of 6 months this month. The work is quite good out here. So, I planned to start my blog again today with this idea of getting satisfaction from every phase of life rather go on cribbing and complaining.

We are all familiar with the metaphorical story of two people looking at the same glass and one perceiving it as half-full while the other sees it as half-empty. As much as we have heard this, it is still a valuable exercise to really observe our minds and notice whether we are engaged in half-full or half-empty thinking. People will refer to themselves as being of one type or the other as if it was a permanent characteristic, but we are all capable of shifting into a half-full consciousness if we simply make the effort.

When we look at our lives with half-empty consciousness, we perceive a lack and think that the other half of what we want is missing. We are coming from a position of expectation and entitlement. On the other hand, when we look at our lives as half-full we perceive fullness. It is as if we recognize that our cup could be fully empty and so we are grateful for what we see as bounty≈not something we expect or believe we are owed, but a gift. In half-full consciousness, we count our blessings. When we look at our lives we see all the elements that are in place and all the things we do have. This does not necessarily mean we do not seek more, but we seek from a place of fullness instead of from a place of lack. This fullness draws positive energy into our lives and often attracts more abundance.

If we would like to begin to make the shift into half-full consciousness, we should try imagining our life as an empty glass. This is our life without all the people we know, the work we do, our home, or our current state of physical wellbeing. This is just an empty, open space waiting to be filled. Once we have that feeling of openness in our mind, we begin filling it with all the people, things, and places that make up our life. We may be surprised to find your glass overflowing.

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