Lage Raho Munnabhai…

I have been bit busy in some of the academic cobwebs for some weeks now. Now that the mid semester is over, I thought I should write something of which I was thinking for a long time to share with you all my friends out here.

Its all about the Latest Hindi Movie Flick “Vidya Balan’. It goes like this:

sheher ki is daud mein daud kar karna kya hai
agar yehi jina hai doston to phir marna kya hai
pehle baaris mein train late hone ki phikra hai
bhul gaye bhigte huye tehelna kya hai
serial ke kirdaron ka saara haal hai maalum
par maa ka haal poochne ki phursat kahan hai
ab ret par nange paaon tehelte kyun nahin
ek sau aath channel par din behelte kyun nahin
internet se to duniya se touch mein hain
par pados mein kaun rehta hai jaante tak nahin
mobile, landline sabki bharmaar hai
lekin jigari dost tak pahunche aise taar kahan hain
kab dubte suraj ko dekha tha, yaad nahin
kab jaana tha shaam ka guzarna kya hai
to doston, sheher ki is daud mein daud kar karna kya hai
agar yehi jina hai to phir marna kya hai

The English translation is:

what to do in running in this run of the city
if this is life, then friends, what it is being dead
first there is fear of train getting late due to rain
forgeeten what it is walking in the rain
we know all the details of the characters of the TV serials
but don’t have any time to know the details of Mother
why we don’t walk on sand with bare foot now
why we don’t enjoy the day even of we have 108 TV channels
we are in touch with the world through Internet
but we don’t know who lives in our neighborhood
there is loads of mobile phones and landlines
but where is the connection that connects with the best friends
when did we see the setting sun-don’t know
when did we know what it means when the sun sets
so friends What to do in running in this run of the city
if this is life, then what it is being dead

The idea is very clear. Even though the technology is developing fast and we are running behind the technology like a mad person not seeing what we are losing at the back—the relations, friends, love and most importantly, FLAVORS OF LIFE. There are no values, attitude towards our LIFE and again our love and care towards our parents. Is that for our great scientists have developed the technology??? Parents don’t have time to play with their kids. Wife does not have time for her husband. Husband does not have time for his wife. Older Parents are constantly being neglected and its clear from the increasing number of age-old homes in the country. Is this the Modern and Fast Transfromed Generations’ Values, Traditions and Cultures and so called STYLE and FASHION???

Technology has come to work for us but if we watch carefully our day-to-day activities; don’t we find it’s the otherwise that is happening.

There is a clear showcase of the above thought as a small portion in the movie. A guy leaves his age-old father and has no time to remember or celebrate his birthday, until he was left with no other option than to celebrate forcibly when Munnabhai akka Sanjay Dutt hangs him from his office floor.

We need to ask ourselves, can this fast pace moving LIFE of these metros stop the old parents being neglected? Can the same bond of LOVE be established among persons? Can the technology make people understand the value of TRUTH in LIFE? How long people will run after MONEY, FAME and of course, NAME? Can the technology teach that its WE that matters and by being, I, they can only loose?

So, friends, it’s the time to go back and see that we find answer to our problems through the use of technology and not run after technology to create more problems, thinking them as solutions, unless it becomes too late.

2. Now, the second thing about the Movie—“The Power of TRUTH”. Mahatma Gandhi won us independence only on this value. In today’s world, people are loosing faith in it because the person, who dares to accept the truth and dares to tell it among all, is being punished. People now believe more in working secretly in fear that someone may not steal their knowledge and thought. They believe more in nuclear families than in joint families. They want to achieve short term goals with falsely self-created implications. They believe more in POWER rather than their self and the people around them. Parents try to hide their wrong doings from their children, children lie for chocolates, students lie and cheat in their examinations and assignments, friends hide themselves among themselves, which grows to give rise to corruption in the form of corrupt politicians, officials running and staying away from their duties and responsibilities being a member of a family, of a society, an organization and of a country. There are ample examples where students go on to curse their environment for their wrong doings but how many of us accept our faults and try to overcome them for the good. Every one of us is unique and have their own way of living life but TRUTH is TRUTH and it does not has any form but yes, it has its existence definitely. Once neglected, has to be paid later.

So, friends let us come together, BE ONE rather than MANY and walk to wards a common cause—development and prosperity, but not at the cost of the values, traditions and relations. BE A HUMAN BEING FIRST, rest all will follow automatically.

The essence of the movies has to be grabbed rather than just the craze and fame.

So, keep up MUNNABHAI and lag raho …
Looking forward to more such sequels from you…
GANDHIGIRI ko chalna Mangta Maamu…

Would like to end up with the comment of Lily Tomlin, which I always love:
“The problem with being in a rat race is even if you win, you’re still a rat.”

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