A tribute to all my Teachers…


When life wanted to bless you, he gave you a teacher.
He is the ultimate gift of God.
A teacher is noble, sweet and humble.
He gives and knows only to give.
A teacher is a visionary, a seer, a sage, a saint.
He is down to earth.
He is profound.
He is great.
He is wonderful.
He is joy.
He is the ultimate.

A teacher is not ordinary, because he can make you extraordinary.
He understands you like no one else.
He comes into your life to change the way you look at life.
You are no more the same again.
Your understanding of things change, your knowledge grows, you grow.
Life will never be the same again for you.

A teacher is active.
Yet he is detached.
He teaches, inspires and guides.
He transforms.
He gives you a purpose in life.
He teaches you not only on the platform and through lectures, but he leads by example.
He means what he says.
He is experienced.
He practices what he preaches.
He is knowledge incarnate.
He is the answer to every question.
He is the solution to every problem.

A teacher can create and he can also destroy.
He builds a nation, a society and also an individual.
He can do what a politician, economist and businessman cannot.
He forms systems, creates processes and gives an order to every thing around.
He knows how to teach, manage and lead.
He is an institution by himself.
He is everywhere. He is everything.

A teacher never differentiates between students.
He teaches students, as per the level of their understanding.
Whenever a student needs a teacher, he will come.
He is always there.
In every age, era, time and place the teacher is the same.
A teacher seems different for different people.
But he is the same life principle expressing in different forms.

He is a master, Guru, friend, philosopher and guide.
He is silent.
He is silence.
He is beyond.
He is perfect.
He is perfection.
He can unlock treasures within your heart.
He gives you insight into the secrets of the universe.

When he calls, you cannot stop.
It is the ultimate calling.
You get a purpose in your life.
You get a reason to live.
You are no more afraid of death.
When you work towards his vision, you find the joy which money, power and people cannot give you. Work fulfils itself.

You can never fully understand a teacher.
He is a mystery.
He is beyond the body, the mind and the intellect.
He is the ultimate truth expressing through that body.
He is a revelation.
He is enlightenment.

He is pure, and makes you pure.
He destroys your ego and makes you humble.
He makes you divine.
With him all your search ends.
You stop. You open out into a world, where only your teacher can take you.

You can pay anyone, but you can never repay your debt to your teacher. A teacher gives everything to you. Finally a teacher makes you another teacher.

There is no service greater than serving your teacher.
Fix your mind on the teacher and devoted to him, lead our life.
Take refuge in him. He will destroy your delusion.
He will liberate you from all ignorance and miseries.
He will make your life fulfilled.

With luv to all my teachers—-

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