The difference of successful and unsuccessful person is well depicted here by one of my friend, Chandan. It is also there in his blog but in a very different perspective. Well, I guess this is because of the way people see the world. But I guess anyone with DREAMS and HOPE will realize its importance with my perspective. Now Here the poem goes:

A poem for all of u to help India become the brightest country in the universe,

“Where there is a will, there is a way
that’s what someone said, And that’s what i say.

When you have no will, the means are out of sight
but if you have the will, you can reason out & fight!
Try out your goal again-, fail!& yet try again
nothing ‘ll come your way, If you just sit &cry!

life is full of hazards, Oh! not a bed of roses
sometimes a sweet syrup, At times! bitter doses.
“But all is up to you alone, your strength & your will
fight out all your weaknesses, stab them & kill

For there is a will there is a way

That’s someone said, and that’s what i say.

Lets gear up to change the world with our innovation with our knowledge and RIGHT ATTITUDE. Lets work together to make our motherland proud with our renewed energy,enthusiasm and commitment that we the youth can make INDIA THE GOLDEN INDIA.

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