What do Friends and Friendship mean……..

Well, this is my first try to write a blog…….Never wrote before about anything as such on anything…..

FRIENDS-the word have different meanings for different people.But do we people ever think of before making friends???
Todays Generation beleives in friendship with whom you can go for movies, chat and pass time by ………..

Is it real friendship or are they our real friends?A Question that can haunt anybody like it has haunted to me for past some weeks…….

I do beleive that I am a real practical person who understands the meaning and motive of LIFE.Still sometime we get trapped in cobwebs of this beautiful surroundings and I am not an exceptional ……

We start our life as a small child and then we grow with our friends in schools, colleges and universities. but how many of us those friends now also after 20 yrs. of life or whom among your friend circle one can trust and depend in his/her worse and bad phases of life.

Let me say you honestly, I can trust only my two friends-Raja ( studying in IIMA ) and Reetesh Mukul ( IIIT-B’s gift ) who will be there with me always no matter whatever happens to me and wherever I am.

But the most important thing that prompted me to write about friendship.I met two guys and gradually we became very good friends.We did all jobs together but suddenly they started thinking only about themselves and one day they got a knot in FRIENDSHIP and went in their directions leaving me stranded. I won’t mention their names nor do the incident. The incident really jolted me top to bottom not because of their betrayal at the end time but instead imposed a question——–Do friendship is really what we see and feel at the very instant?

Probably they were right by thinking only of themselves and I was wrong when I was thinking of ourselves as a single and united group. It made me rethink about my friends and I began suspecting everybody—-The only way to come out of it was to engage myself in other activities like projects and reading books where I really grilled myself to the extreme extent in those days, constantly looking an answer for one and one question—do I have any real friends in my life and why such an incident happened to me.

Then the name “RAJA” came to me and gave answaers to almost all my answers. I remember his support and inspiration during some of my tough times of the past. He was very instrumental in imbibing the belief in me that “I can also do something in life and I do possess capabilities for making it BIG”. If I could do anyhting in my life in future, a lot I owe to this guy—-a real gem of my life.

Then when I joined IIIT, Bangalore where I currently study and I met Reetesh. Reetesh was our TA for Probability and Statistics in the first semester- a very helpful and always prepared to lend a hand in difficulties. I started taking guidance for the course from him even though I didn’t do well in the course. But it was in the second semester that really brought me really close to him. First, interactions started with some projects and our interests and today I guess he is the only one here who knows almost each and everything about me and I guess so do I. He is a true friend and also a gem as a person who can never speak bad of anybody( visit http://www.nature1729.blogspot.com/ for his blog) and always ready to help others. Now he is doing his internship in HP Labs and I do wish a very great future.

FRIENDS play a very integral and important part in one’s life and they can very well define your success and failures in different phases of one’s life. They can make one’s life and can also destroy. I am really lucky to have friends like Raja and Reetesh in my life. And I know that they are the ones who are always there with me throughput my life. One cannot ignore the importance of FRIENDSHIP in Life but we should be very careful while making friends and building Friendship. Hence truly said

“When friendships are real, they are not glass threads, or frostwork, but the solidest things we know. A friend is the first person who come in when the whole world has gone out.”

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