NIST: Time for SMS OTP Tokens to “RIP”

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce and one of the nation’s oldest physical science laboratories. An upcoming pair of “special publications” from NIST know as its official communiques have updated its recommendations for a host of authentication and security issues, and […]

Ezmcom partners with Data Wide to expand in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Ezmcom Partners with Data Wide in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Ezmcom Inc (EZMCOM) announces a new partnership today: Data Wide (DW), an IT and Information Security firm, has joined the Ezmcom Partner Program. DW will now offer Ezmcom’s complete suite of Multifactor Authentication (MFA/2FA), Risk based adaptive authentication (RBAA), 3D Secure Authentication, Innovative Display Credit and Debit Cards, PKI Digital Signatures and […]


World Password Day 2016: Security vs User Convenience?

5th May, 2016 is marked as the “World Password Day“. While, the addressing the concerns to password protection is critical, I find it amusing how age-old techniques and expert suggestions have never matured. It, further, surprises me how same repeatable things are projected to protect Passwords. Lets first look at […]

CIO Choice Awards 2015

It was my first time and so does InstaSafe. Its the filmfare or so as to say, Academy awards for ICT Vendors of India. I am going to take you through the ultimate Award Ceremony for ICT vendors, CIO Choice 2015. CIO Choice  is a premier B2B platform to recognise and […]

Year 2014 Annual Report

Very poor record it has been in 2014 but I promise to revert back in 2015 regularly.

Leadership & Startup Lessons from Indian Elections 2014

Recent Indian Elections has been a great watch and it has probably gained the largest attention ever in the media nationally and globally. I attempted to compare the elections with a startup and concluded with few of my personal favorites that I would like to borrow from the Indian Elections: […]

The Big Indian Week Ahead. What does it mean for startups?

Everybody is eagerly looking forward to the Big Indian Week Ahead. The largest democracy of the world is all set to see the effect of its middle class. Seems, we have the largest middle class today compared to anybody else in the world. So, lets try to see what does […]

Dream vs Reality. What would you choose?

A tough question. Have you ever thought if given an option what would you choose – Dream vs Reality? Before you could get into decision making mode, let us get deep inside each one of them. Dream Dream, by definition, is a series of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in […]

Are you a professional blogger? Try InstaSafe

I am the Co-Founder of InstaSafe and I am looking for a part-time blogger who can work with my marketing team on a regular basis. The topics covered would be generally Entrepreneurship, Technology, Computer Security, Computer Networking, startup culture, etc. InstaSafe is a Microsoft Ventures Accelerated security firm based out […]

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Wish you all a very great happy and prosperous new year 🙂 🙂 This year, I am starting my blog yet again with the wishes for the new year and new look and feel of the blog. I have spent the whole day cleaning up my space and re-configuring the […]

Welcome Back!!!

Last year has been very very hectic. With almost 12 months now without salary and that too have invested a large chunk of my savings into my venture, InstaSafe, the journey has been both mixed. Satisfying and not satisfying, learning a lot new stuffs such as Software Defined Networking, Cloud […]

02nd July 2012 – The End to The Start

02nd July, 2012 will go into my life as one of the most important day of my life. I resigned from my current company and finally, decided to take the plunge and chase my dream of working for self and be my own boss. I was thinking what would my […]

What is Success?

What is success? Is it money, is it stature or what? Is it power? Is it love? Is it a bird that keeps eluding most of us? Various people has various definitions of life. For me, living a fruitful life and pursuing something I truly believe in is something would […]

Sprint and Startups

Spints are FUN and when startups start breeding, smelling and living on Sprints, they inherit a culture and environment which is very hard to beat. A lot of us praised Facebook when they went into a coding marathon just before its IPO to showcase its proud culture. But what is […]

Compensation in a startup

Compensation has always been a big decision maker while choosing a job. How many times have you thought about it while looking out a new opportunity? Numerous calculations, Number crunching and when another company offers a little higher number, we are back at numbers and mathematics. I have done it […]

Welcome Back

It has been a long time. My sincere apologies for staying out for such a long time. Life has been hectic both on professional and personal front. On personal front, I got married to a beautiful lady. After knowing her for some time, I felt we understood each other well […]

Story over Numbers Series from “The Art of Applying”

Yesterday, I received an email from one of my dearest friends, Kaneisha. Even though I could not maintain this blog for quite some time, especially after moving to a startup in a new role, I could not say NO to Kaneisha ever and hence, found some time out to give […]

BTG Scholarship & Reliance Fellowship Apps

Gear up, guys the deadlines for both BTG Scholarship and Stanford Reliance Fellowship is today and tomorrow respectively. I urge you to sincerely apply to both of them (Indians for Reliance Fellowship) because: both of them are awesome and worth giving them a shot. they can give you a head […]

Saga of Acquisitions

For past couple of months, the acquisition and legal departments of some major companies were in action. And I am sure this is just a beginning in what we are seeing as a trend now. Acquisitions are not new to us. They happen for some reasons: Bigger companies acquire small […]

Internship Opportunity with 1M/1M

Have you heard about 1M/1M? Budding Entrepreneurs might have but others might have missed the name. 1M/1M is the initiative of Sramana Mitra, a very well known consultant in the Bay Area. Personally, I have never met her but we have interacted quite a few times and I feel she […]

ClearAdmit BoB Results: MBA Dreamz 6th

Yes guys thanks for all your support and assistance. MBA Dreamz ended up 6th in the Best of Blogging Awards for the year 2010-11. Last year, I could not make it to the top 10 even though I was right there at in top 20. I would like to take […]

Facebook Deals: What does it mean?

Did you hear? Facebook declared its royal entry today with Facebook Deals. What does it mean? At the very outset, it sent warning signals to all heavyweight champion startups like groupon, deals2buy, buy, snapdeals and many more. Lets try to understand why I feel Facebook has a huge potential to […]

Google & InMobi

Today, as I was reading through the article about InMobi, an Indian startup that has been consistently getting rave reviews in the market. I have been always been a huge fan of Young Turks and that is one thing which has always inspired and motivated me through thick and thin […]

Welcome to new MBA Dreamz

The Dream continues and so does the journey. MBA Dreamz gets an all-together new look and gets a domain for itself. I am really excited to invite you all here. What better day to start this blog on its own hosted space than announcing that MBA Dreamz has been nominated […]

Welcome to

Welcome to my new domain and a brand new look to the website. Having bought a domain, for the very first time, I go online on my hosting space. From hereon, we will be more regular. We will cover variety of topics, ranging from personal, business, leadership and many more. […]

Learn Confidence from Google

Do you believe you have confidence? Do you believe in yourself? Are you ready to go out there in the open and question your identity and authority? Are you ready to be criticized? Are you are ready to look yourself into the mirror and say that this is who I […]


I guess a lot of you might have already started thinking about this. GRE goes for a makeover this August and for the first time, comes closer to the pattern and format of GMAT. Why is this important? A lot of you might already know that GRE is accepted by […]

Calling Volunteers for Aarambh

This is my second post of the day. It is about calling volunteers for “Aarambh”: the state level sports event for Specially Abled people. Please read on and see if you can contribute in any form possible. I hope to see you there on February 19th. “Aarambh” – The Beginning! […]

Quantity vs Quality

A known tussle all over. All of us everyday in some form or the another ask this question: Quantity vs Quality. Let me put few of them to you here: My job profile is not good but they are paying me handsome. Quality vs Quantity. At grocery store, the quality […]

VC Directory

This post is to gather the VC directory from Larry and present it to you. I have been a keen observer of this field and really enjoy to be always how VCs make decisions. Personally, I feel VC domain is very interesting because it allows you to be always among […]

Power Learnings from Steve Jobs

As I read this article, I lost myself with Steve Jobs. I, still, remember when I first read about Steve Jobs in iCon. I had heard about Steve earlier but the book made me fall in live with his leadership style. I always hoped that someday I could have made […]

A Quote from Steve Jobs

I've been doing a lot of thinking about one of my entrepreneurial heroes- Steve Jobs. Last year I asked him a question at the D conference and reminded him that I when I was in 7th grade (in 1986) I had sent him a letter with a new design for […]

Sitting UP: Don’t SHIT

Today one of my friends forwarded me the below story. I was not surprised at the conclusion of the story but I was surprised not to have read it anywhere earlier. Lets first read the story: ==================================================================================================== A crow was sitting on a tree, doing nothing all day. A small […]

ISB Weekend Visit

Well, one of the leading B-school of India and the only one I would like to go if I want to do an MBA in India. I applied to ISB in the Round 2 and as I write this post, I am waiting for my interview call. Once again, I […]