BTG Scholarship & Reliance Fellowship Apps

Gear up, guys the deadlines for both BTG Scholarship and Stanford Reliance Fellowship is today and tomorrow respectively. I urge you to sincerely apply to both of them (Indians for Reliance Fellowship) because: both of them are awesome and worth giving them a shot. they can give you a head […]


I guess a lot of you might have already started thinking about this. GRE goes for a makeover this August and for the first time, comes closer to the pattern and format of GMAT. Why is this important? A lot of you might already know that GRE is accepted by […]

Attacking MBA Applications Kung-Fu Panda Style 2

My Aplogies guys but I have been terribly busy with some work. As promised earlier, here goes the post of looking this admission season in kung-fu panda style. If a giant panda can become a mighty kung fu warrior — so could you. Not kung fu warrior, but whatever — ballet dancer, […]

Haas Dean Interview and more 5

Hi Folks, how are your preparations? Do write back. Well, from my side, I have few updates: 1.  GMAT: Yes, I am closing down to the final round with mocks as much as possible now. I was planning to take the test sometime towards end of this month but had […]

Whats New? 3

You guys might be thinking what happened to me. Well, first of all, A VERY VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!! Next, the last time I said I was about to take my GMAT. Unfortunately, it did not go so well and I crashed it.  But don’t worry not given […]

GMAT decides to redress itself

Yes, the GMAT is prepared to change its test format by 2013, according to an article in Economist. According to the article, as several universities are moving to concentrated courses, GMAC is considering to redress itself to brace the new format of the MBA game but the new format of […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my world. MBA is one of the most important dream of my life. I am determined to get it also, so what if I have failed n number of times in various competitive examinations. I may suck at the standardized tests but I know that I am good […]