Monthly Archives: April 2009

How to Fix B-Schools-HBS 1

Harvard discusses in its blog “How to Fix Business Schools” and stresses on the importance of  “ETHICS”. Very true, ethics is the just one of important things that one should look for a good human being but if the motive and purpose of the human being is not right, then […]

Indian Motherhood in NYT

Today, New York Times came up with an amazing article describing the power of mothers behind some amazingly successful Indian personalities. This is the perfect example of our Indian culture and its effects. This also shows how we respect and love our mother beyond all limits. Some of the statements […]

GMAT decides to redress itself

Yes, the GMAT is prepared to change its test format by 2013, according to an article in Economist. According to the article, as several universities are moving to concentrated courses, GMAC is considering to redress itself to brace the new format of the MBA game but the new format of […]

Lets Get Loud Lyrics

This song by Jennifer Lopez has got an amazing lyrics. Enjoy it to understnad the deepest of its  meaning. Chorus Lets get loud, lets get loud Turn the music up, lets do it Come on, people Lets get loud, lets get loud Turn the music up to hear that sound […]