Essay 8 2

Imagine that you can talk for one hour with any person who has lived at any time in history. Which person would you choose to meet?

I would like to meet Abraham Lincoln. Apart from being one of the greatest man of his period and making history in the world, there are few things that I would like to sit with him to ask.

Firstly, what makes a man so special like him? It needs a lot of guts and courage to break the general conventions of one’s living time. Nad there can be no beter person than him to give this answer than Abraham Lincoln, who failed multiple number of times and despite his failures, he went on to finally become one of the greatest President and leader, the world has ever got.

Secondly, if he would have born in this time, what are the things he would have wanted to change or atleast would have fought for? This answer could give a lot of youngsters to live their lives for a cause rather than being lost in finding them for whole life.

Thirdly, though short, but his talk about his experiences would have given enthusiastic people like us, a light of hope of following a path to contributing their life for a good cause. Nevertheless, not to forget the quotes of a famous person “The purpose of Life is to have a Life with a purpose”.

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2 thoughts on “Essay 8

  • Satya

    Great Choice.

    I’ll add a couple more in the current Indian Context.

    We have only Gandhi, the man who chose not to head the country after leading the country to independence. Unfortunately, he put another at the helm and we have been ruled by that family since then! Honest Abe led the foundation of American Democracy based on meritocracy and the belief that Democracy is truly by the people, for the people and of the people – and it still thrives.

    He was the first to recognize the diversity in America and accept it as it was and wanted to bring the black people into the main stream – which was materialized later. India stands today at the threshold of disintegration due to fights between states (KA-TN, MH-North India, North India-South India…) based on language, culture, caste, religion. And our regional politicians are hell bent on getting their pound of flesh at the center to server themselves instead of thinking collectively.

  • deepakpanigrahy

    A Fantastic analogy probably that could have been ever drawn.
    Very true.
    The key her is selflessness and the courage to give up for some good cause is the only sign of such strong character people, which very few of us possess.