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When people are traveling. They often behave differently from the way they behave at home.


Being Janus-faced is considered bad, but when we notice ourselves behaving differently in our homes and traveling, it does not surprise us. No matter, which corner of the world we belong to, we can find people behaving contrastingly different than they are at their homes.

At homes, we feel like more in our created place. We have sense owning the environment. So, as an owner we feel like to be at our terms rather than having any restrictions and boundaries. There is no one controlling our consciousness in the manner what we think, what we wear, how we eat, how we sleep and when we do all those activities.

On the other hand, our consciousness of becoming an item of laughter after being noticed for an unusual behavior makes us more alert and behave differently while traveling. There are certain etiquettes of the society-how to dress, what language to use in public while talking, how to eat and many more. Imagine a person traveling in a flight with just his underwear. In such a case, he becomes a noticeable object and is laughed on. Similarly, imagine a person sleeping in his home after getting dressed in proper suits. All these are weird in the current form of world.

Thus, the self consciousness of the person and the social etiquettes make him a sophistaced and mannerd but lazy and indisciplined at home.

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  • A. N. Nanda

    Well-said, Deepu. But then again the basic frame stands out, say in matter of sharing the baggage space or occupying a window seat. People who want the best “at any cost” would not stop short of demanding, requesting or even encroaching. Some fight at the beginning and as time passes allow thaw to prevail, some carry their grudge until their destination. Some appear studious as if the railway coupe is a reading room but never progress beyond a page….