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Well, this is my first post of the new year. Let me first take this opportunity to wish all the readers and their families a great BELATED new year.
Life is running very fast like my car here at USA. I love speed and that I achieved my dream speed of 120 mph last weekend once for few minutes. My friend got scary when I touched that speed but he was not when he was driving those high-speed roller coasters in California Adventure Park, Disneyland and Hollywood. I am quite opposite to him with the conception that at least while driving I know something is in my control rather than others (with others I mean these stupid electronics whcih can go numb even without asking you) and there would be hardly anyone in this world who fears when he has control over any situation or who is the creator of circumstances.
Anyways, I have completed just over a month in USA now and I am just waiting for yet another month to go to fly directly back to home.
Last weekend was great fun. I visited 4 theme parks here-Disneyland, California Adventure Park, Universal Studios Hollywood-all at Los Angeles and Seaworld at San Diego. I started from here on Friday eveining and it took us 7 hrs in car to reach my friends’ cousin place at LA at midnight. It was a 450 odd miles drive from Belmont, the place where I am staying. We slept bit late and then started the next day for Disneyland and California Adventure Park.
Disnayland and California Adventure Park is situated on the opposite to each other. Disneyland showcases all its characters and movies with some great rides like Space Mountain, Finding Nemo (the underwater adventure), Pirates of the Carribean, Indiana Jones and many more. Never forget to visit the Mickey’s Toon house to visit Mickey and beautiful Minnie. With so much characters round the land, its a great place for the kids to enjoy and for all those who enjoy the Disney Movies and Disney Characters. The most important events are the Disney Parade and Nigth Fireworks around the castle.
Opposite to the Disneyland, is the California Adventure Park-the best place for the rides. The hollywood walk inside it and the hollywood look-alike atmosphere makes everyone feels like to be a Hollywood star. Never miss the Hollywood Tower Hotel ride. It is based on the real story that when the Hollywood tower hotel was opened, the lift that carried some guests to their rooms at the 12th floor, the lift malfunctioned and it fell right downwards killing all the people. So, if you want to experience the ground falling before you and you screaming to find the ground space; its a great ride; especailly when they make you fall after making you watch the whole of the Disneyland and the California Adventure Park from 120 feet. And if you are in the California Adventure Park, never ever miss the California Screamin Ride- the high speed roller coaster ride that makes you go round the face of the Mickey.
After a long day at Disneyland and California Adventure Park, I went to the Seaworld at San Diego to explore the sea creatures. Apart from those wonderful creatures of the sea; the special mention comes for the Shamu-the Killer whale. Shamu is trained for the shows there and its worthy of going to watch him there again and again.He not only plays with the audience and entertains us, he splashes water at us upto 16 rows of the audience stand. The presentaion “BELEIVE” make you beleive that if you can imagine and dream and dare to follow our dream; we can go onto get everything that we dreamt and beleived. Apart from Shamu’s show, the Dolphin’s show is equally worthy and so does Sealion’s show. Apart from it, this is one of the rarest places to come in interaction with White Sharks.
The last day of the long weekend, we went to the Universal Studios, the HOLLYWOOD. The studio tour take us thorugh the various stages and demonstration how some dangerous scenes like floods, etc. are created with so ease. The demonstrations of the movies like JAWS, Backdraft and many more.
But not to mention never ever miss the 3D and 4D movies at all these parks which are one-time experiences.
Apart from them, I have visited Intel Museum, Nasa AIMES Museum, Pebble Beach, Half Moon Bay, Mystery Park, San Francisco, UC Berkley University and Stanford University and many more.
I would do injustice if I don’t mention how much my company loves me; which anyone would realize once he/she come to their Headquarter offices and it becomes a great place to work if we happen to have an Indian Manager and I am lucky enough to have all this.
Though I did not like this strip of USA so much due to some reasons. I don’t know if I am the only one to have felt this but would write more on this thing before I leave USA back to my sweet home for a small break.

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