Chak de India-Was it all about only Cricket? 4

Well, even I joined the guys when Indian cricket team won the T20 World Cup and celebration is much fair right throughout the country. But question that has to put forward is: Chak de India-Was it all bout only CRICKET? or in general, only sports.
Yesterday, our Hockey guys decided to go on for a strike against the discrimination of the hockey players with cricket players. You can read the article here. Hockey being the national sports should be our first priority. But it is very sad that we ignore our these national heroes. In fact, anybody who represent India on the global arena, has a great responsibility and if they did achieve somethings, its worthy of getting the honor. Then, why is this discrimination when cricket players getting huge monetary benefits from the state governments and ignoring the hockey players all together. And in between this, we again ignored the Soccer players, who won the ONGC Nehru Cup beating Syria 1-0. you can read the article here. In fact, why is this step-motherly attitude towards the Hockey and Soccer players when countries like USA, Korea and China. The biggest answer should be given by Sahara, who is the official sponsor of both Indian Cricket and Hockey team and it gave houses to every cricketer and nothing to the hockey players. The advertisement should also shift to the other sports other than Cricket.
I feel this contributes a lot to the fact that we struggle to get a single Gold Medal in the Olympics being the second largest population country of the world. In fact, I feel we, as an Indian, should change our attitude. We stoned the houses of Dhoni, Yuvraj and others when India exited the World Cup and after six months we are carrying them on top. We need to change ourselves.
I would like to end here with a simple question to Shahrukh Khan, who took his son to the T20 Cricket Final: “Would you take your son to a hockey final or soccer final if Indian would be playing that?“(Are you listening Shahrukh).

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4 thoughts on “Chak de India-Was it all about only Cricket?

  • Anonymous

    Shouldnt it be Sharukh’s personal choice to take his son wherever he wants?

    Cricket was always the sport that Indians liked. How on earth did Hockey become our National Sport?

    When change is inevitable, shouldnt that change too?

    Statewise Monetary benefit to players is pathetic!

    Hey Deepak, good blog altogether.

  • Divya

    Honestly, though we do harping about cricket being given unnecessary importance over and above other sports, the fact remains that its the only game which has so much of media attention and generates so much of excitement and togetherness in the country. I am sure that of India was playing World cup soccer finals, there would be as much hype, if not more. I am not supporting anything here, just that Shahrukh taking his son to the match would have more to do with the excitement and the whole atmosphere generated than the sport per say. Why would he or for that matter anyone spend time in a half empty stadium when the ultimate goal is to enjoy. Ask yourself too, if you have the choice to watch either of the sport’s final, both having our team, where would you prefer going?

  • Deepak Panigrahy

    @Anonymous Yes, Absolutely, it is his personal choice whether he goes to a cricket match or any other sports. But my question was more of why the discrimination among sports when we being the second largest population country strive to win a Tennis Open or a Gold Medal in Olympics? Is it the only fault of our sportsmen or some other people are also responsible for it-be it advertising, media, politics, etc.

    @Divya True, it remains the most popular sports of the country, but who makes it popular and in fact, my concern was more towards our attitude. Remember, we burnt and stoned houses of these cricketers only when they were defeated and watch now…We are the best and I believe in it. We can also excel in all the fields but we need to be more mature to see the world through our eyes rather than some others like media or politics.

  • A_N_Nanda

    CRICKET IS A CRYING CAT BUT HOCKEY IS ABOUT HUG AND KISS–I just felt like quoting from my story “The Gung-ho Team”.

    The question is why cricketers are not a revered lot in Australia like they are in India? It’s simply because we don’t have much results from hockey field or for that matter from other sporting disciplines. Now that results have started pouring from other games too, the situation will change.

    Cricket is a slow game, much slower than Hockey and we Indians want everything in slow motion. Ten or twenty years hence when things in India become faster whether our trains or toll gates, people will like faster things. Hockey will then gain importance. Twenty X 20 will become still more miniaturised and in the process will lose its charm that comes out of its slowness.

    So, to make the long story short, hockey will bounce back in India in just 10 to 20 years’ time span.