Chak Diya India… 2

Team India won the first T20 World Cup beating arch-rivals Pakistan yesterday. It was a great match worthy of watching and in fact one of the proudest moments for the Indians for all around the globe. The biggest achievement of this world cup is the complete Indian team is young and they are the people who believed in themselves and they gave enough proofs of this right from the match against South Africa to Australia to Pakistan. I too believe strongly in what Dhoni said at the end of the match “I think the guys think they can win and they did it”. Individuals can create milestones but teams can create HISTORY. We did not have the three pillars of the present Indian Cricket-Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly but still we did it due to some great team performance.
I watched the match at my office and I enjoyed every moment of it with all my 100-200 odd colleagues around. We jumped, screamed and shouted with the every fall of the Pakistan;’s wicket. This became my one of the memorable moments of my life.

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2 thoughts on “Chak Diya India…

  • A_N_Nanda

    I don’t think it is essential to repeat success or, in other words, the team’s success will become less important just because there are a few set backs that might possibly follow. It doesn’t matter if we have learned to take everything in our strides. It’s a very apt statement:

    “Individual can create milestones but teams can create HISTORY.”

    Nice Deepak, it’s good to keep track of successes as you do in your blog.