Google Search in Oriya…… 7

Google has added Oriya perspective to its search engine and I felt a post is a great place to spread the message.

So, whenever you are taking help from google please use

Please visit this site
;it is Google in Oriya and if the number of hits increases Then they will add Oriya link to

And we already have: Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, and Marathi and Tamil in Google.

I have done my bit of being an Oriya and now its yours to do !!!!

Please hit it as many times as possible, preferably set it as homepage.

Kindly help in spreading the message.


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7 thoughts on “Google Search in Oriya……

  • mukul

    This is really nice and great. I think linguitsics are getting importance day after day. Hope to see more people working in this field.

  • Deepak Panigrahy

    Yes Reetesh, they are definitely is the future. From your work of Chitrakavya you must have got the computational complexity of lingistics.

  • Cinderella

    Wow..this is too good ya !!
    I made it my home page.

    You know I so so love my mother-tongue,but here I have seen oriya pilamaanaku bhari laaja admit kariba payi je semane oriya,hindi re katha huanti as much as possible !!
    It ashames me like anything and many a time if I happen to know the person I end up saying “oriya re katha hele bhala haba?”…lolz !!

    You did a fantastic job here.
    Cheerio !!

  • Pinku

    Namaskar bhai,
    I am really glad to come across this kinda initiatives…. I really do appreciate this…
    I request all of my oriya bhai’s n bhauni’s not to get ashamed of being called as oriya….we all should be proud to be ORIYA…
    I am writing this b’coz i hav coem across a lots of such kind of situations where oriya ppl feel shy to admit that they r from orissa!!
    Be happy always n god bless us all….

    God bless..lov n Regards